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MEN? The Musical is a global brand, empowering women and connecting with its audience online, and later stage and film.

MTM encourages women to consider their role in life and make positive CHOICES to raise their VOICE.


The brand provides a unique creative platform in the ever growing personal development industry. The musical which includes its songs, scenes and dance provides a rich content to engage with its audience.


The core values of MTM promote self awareness, self love and self elevation. The brand also provides practical steps supporting the next stage of personal development, through collaboration and partnerships with women’s groups and organisations. The brand also partners commercial organisations that align with our goal to empower women, providing sponsorship and income streams through affiliate marketing initiatives.


The engaging story of the brand follows the life of Jennifer who is trying to fall out of love with the man she adores, to fall in love with Mr Right. She is supported by her two best friends, mother of three Laila who is struggling to get her foot back on the career ladder, and her feisty entrepreneurial friend, Zahida who is going through a divorce. All three women are aiming to create their own personal identity through positive choices and a voice which is unique to
them and will be heard.

MTM examines the relationship between men and women and the challenges faced by women in other aspects of their lives. It also raises the question what role can MEN? play to support women’s equality and empowerment.

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