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The following people have backed our creator of MEN? The Musical, Pamela Keeley, at an early stage with her vision for this brand.  Their kind donations and support helped in making progress with this goal.

Carol Reid 

Graham Paine

Jean Rodgers 

Jennifer Dunne 

Julian Benson

Julie Anne O'Brien  

Margaret Quirke

Martin Murray 

Tina O Kelly

Tracie Byrne 

Yngvar Alexsander Hedland Rasmussen

Dearbhaile Mc Auley

Bruce & Brigid Blair

Glenda Marshall

Linda Lynch

Shauna Ennis

Brian Tighe

Siofra Colleran

Cathrine Gumo 

Irene Clonan

Ro Reid

Paul Furey

Clare Peelo

Berny Purcell

Sophie O Carroll

Denise Goff

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