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It is by reading books, discussing them, more importantly taking action (Talk is cheap!) that real progress can be made.  We encourage you to form your own book clubs to discuss books we have recommended on our site.  These books will provoke you to think, perhaps behave differently going forward in the future. We are living in the Good New Days where we can make great changes for ourselves & future generations.

Knowing many people in this day and age are pressed for time, we would recommend our audience to consider AUDIBLE as it can allow people to listen to a book while doing other activities, whether that be chores around the house, driving, fitness etc.   


Jennifer's storyline in the musical shows that she lacks self-worth.   Her love life is nowhere near what she really wants.  The ripple on affect is, by repeating the same pattern in this area of her life, she is distancing herself from what she truly desires.  She is unaware that it is infact her own words, thoughts & actions that are providing her with results she doesn't like!  Infact, it is in the second half of the musical that she meets Colin again, who encourages Jennifer on her journey to make choices that will  serve her vision for what she wants.

If you can relate to Jennifer's story, we encourage you to read the recommended books below which may help highlight, why you are manifesting what you DON'T want.  By reading these books, we hope you may get your AHA moment. This is where the fun begins! You rebuild your life starting from within and in time, positive results will surface in your life. 


In our INTERVIEW scene, we witness a young confident lady, Dominique, interviewing a HOMEMAKER, our lovely Laila, returning to the work force.  We witness that Laila's nerves overtakes her as she makes jokes, belittles herself, clearly demonstrating that by being away for some years, her confidence is under the floorboards in a professional capacity.   Unfortunately, Dominique shows

no compassion, at no point puts Laila at ease nor nourishes Laila to really see her own qualities and skills of what she could bring to the business.

Maybe you can relate to Laila's story?  You have possibly tried to return to the work force only to be blanked, ignored by companies, recruiters.  If this has happened, like Laila, you may be finding your own self-worth in a professional capacity is at an all-time low.  If this is the case, you are not alone!  Many women have felt like this, one being, Mika Brezinski.  Journalist and talk show host.  Mika describes in her book, how she undervalued herself when seeking employment or lacked the confidence to ask for a rise in salary.  Thankfully men in her life, encouraged her to speak up for herself.  Men's behaviour in the work force, highlighted that they operate differently to women.  Thanks to them, she reprogrammed herself to KNOW HER VALUE. This book is a real eye opener!  It encourages women to speak up for the skills they have and deserve to be paid for.  


In act 1, scene 2, Zahida, one of Jennifer's best friends makes her grand entrance in MEN?   This sassy entrepreneurial lady through LIFE experiences has re-built her life by working on her own self-worth to start with, before going to the next level, of self-elevating her life by gaining financial independence which has liberated her.


Not happy with the woman she had become, she took actions to upgrade herself. With the help of having mentors, life coaches, attending empowering events online/in person she began to grow.  Daily study and practice allowed her world to open up, her network expanded and she became more aware of opportunities around her.  Both men and women supported her progress, especially Sam, her son. 


As author Kim Kyosaki said 'Most women are under the thumb of a husband/wife/partner, government, company'.   In Kim's book, she shares her journey with her friends and highlights, shocking facts about how little women are educated in finance.    Men are still the savvy ones who seek financial advice (Good for them) unlike a high percentage of women who emotionally shop or simply save, rather than invest.    We would encourage men to read this book too, as your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties etc. are affected by this.  We hope that by reading this book, more women supported by men who care about them, will take action to seek out advice from a regulated financial adviser to help secure a financially better future.  

RICH WOMAN by Kim Kiyosaki            

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