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"50% of marriages end in divorce. Typically children end up with the women. So now the woman is solely responsible for herself and her children"  Kim Kiyosaki

Zahida, one of Jennifer’s best friends. Currently, going through a divorce. She has one grown up son, Sam, in college.


Like Jennifer, Zahida loves fashion, in fact she adores shopping! However, "Happiness cannot be bought in a shop."(Michelle McGagh).  This was something Zahida found she was doing.


Thankfully Zahida has changed her ways. She now practices, ‘mindful shopping’ a strategy which makes her feel liberated and in control of her money.  She has gained strength towards financial security with guidance from her regulated financial  advisor.
  When she was married,  Zahida and her husband attended a meeting with a regulated financial advisor.  For the majority of the meeting the advisor spoke directly to her husband as though Zahida was not there. Discouraged, she simply stepped away and left it to her husband to deal with their finances, this was a big mistake which she has since corrected.

That aside, when Zahida found the courage to eventually step away from her twenty-year marriage, which had ebbed away at her self-esteem, she was forced to rebuild her life. Since Zahida stumbled upon the personal development industry, she has become passionate about self elevation, this alongside educating other women who are vulnerable. She studies online and attends real events held by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. They help people get in touch with themselves – who they are, what they’re capable of and what they want in life. Having gained her new found confidence , Zahida was inspired to study RICH WOMAN by Kim Kiyosaki who educates women globally to gain financial independence. Most women have told Kim Kiyosaki ‘I’m not smart enough,’. It's simply not true.


Be open minded, give yourself a chance, as a starting point, check out:

• (Youtube) Mindful shopping.

• (Youtube) Look expensive on a budget.

• (Youtube) Buy vntage.

• (Youtube) Clothes/homeware swap parties.

• Sign up for a Proctor Gallagher Institute program  (Affiliate)

• Start writing a daily gratitude journal.  Begin writing each sentence with – I am happy and grateful now……….

• Purchase and study - RICH WOMAN by Kim Kiyosaki. (Affiliate)

• If you are working with a regulated financial advisor, great! If not, take action and work with one, so you will feel in control of your finances and liberated like Zahida and Jennifer.

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