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And, just in case you need any further incentive to take positive action now here are some rather shocking findings that Kim Kiyoski discovered while researching for her book ‘Rich Woman’:

  • Approximately 7 – 10 women live in poverty at one point in their lives.

  • The statistics tell us more and more – women are not educated or prepared in their own personal finance.

  • Women are either dependent on someone to finance them, a husband, partner, family member, boss, government or women just figure, all will work out like the fairy tales!

  • 90% of women will have sole responsibility for their finance within their lifetime. Yet 79% of all women have not planned for this.

  • 47% over the age of 50 are single. Financially responsible for themselves.

  • Women retirement income is less than that of men. Why? A woman is away from the work force on average 14.7 years compared to 1.6 years for men.

  • 50% of marriages end in divorce. Typically children end up with the women. So now the woman is solely responsible for herself and her children.

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