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Jennifer our main female character is in a relationship with Robert, but what kind of relationship is it?  Who benefits most from this relationship, or does anyone benefit?  Is Jennifer aware of herself, her actions, emotions and whether her behaviour aligns with her values?  How is she perceived by others?


Positive relationships can only exist where there is self love and self worth. Self love begins when we observe our actions and words with compassion as if we were our own best friend. Self worth is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. Listen to the audio dialogue between Jennifer and Robert which is in Act 1, Scene 1 in the musical. 

Here are some thoughts on the content of the audio:

  • What signs does Jennifer show Robert that she lacks self-love?

  • How can lack of self-love affect relationships with others?

  • Observing Jennifer’s language, do you believe it is serving her well? What affect are those words having on her?

We find out more about the relationship between Jennifer and Robert in Act 1, Scene 3. It is an open relationship, sometimes referred to as polyamorous relationship. But this raises issues of potential insecurity and jealousy on the part of Jennifer. She is addicted to a man she adores who will never provide the true love she craves. She calls Robert her ‘Free Agent’.

  • Listen to the further audio dialogue 

  • Listen to the song "FREE AGENT" 

Here are some further thoughts:

  • Why do you think Jennifer or Robert are staying with each other in this polyamorous (open) relationship?

  • Do Robert and Jennifer share the same goals in their relationship, keep in mind, it was Jennifer who approached Robert to be friends with benefits?

  • Do you think Jennifer got lost with her own goals in life, by staying with Robert in this type of relationship? Is that his fault?


In Act 1, Scene 8 we discover that Jennifer starts to question the relationship she finds herself in and the realisation that this is not serving her well. The next song captures Jennifers sense of discord in her relationship with Robert.



Here are some further reflections on Jennifer and Robert’s relationship:

  • Why is this a toxic and addictive relationship?

  • How do you know it’s time to walk away from a relationship?

  • What ideas can you think of to stay strong and stay away from temptation to return to an unhealthy relationship?


"90% of women will have sole responsibility for their finance within their lifetime. Yet 79% of all women have not planned for this."  Kim Kiyosaki

Self-accomplishment is great for our confidence. To achieve financial freedom is about rewiring your attitude towards money and taking control over it. Self esteem and self confidence will then follow on, improving other qualities in our lives.


Jennifer, our main female character is in her late 30s. We observe she is living alone in a stylish one bedroom apartment. Our audience possibly presume she is renting, not so. Wishing to have control over one aspect of her life, she purchased her first property encouraged by her entrepreneurial friend, Zahida. Which leads on to the question – How would a single lady be able to afford such a luxury? We discover she is self-employed. Has her own business, a café. Likes shopping, fashion, like most women.

Thankfully Jennifer has educated herself to become financially savvy, by attending financial events and listening to educational books about money on the Audible App. More importantly, her friend Zahida whom she trusts, introduced her to a regulated financial advisor.

Jennifer found by sacrificing short term quick fix luxuries, she could attain her long-term goal, her apartment. Also to help her change the way she thought about money and develop a new perspective on her finance she downloaded the app ‘The Secret To Money’ by Rhonda Byrne’. For the first time in her life, Jennifer started to gain financial freedom.


These are the five avenues she took to start her on her journey.

1. She met a regulated financial advisor to talk about her financial goals and put a plan in place.

2. She attends financial events for women to gain support and knowledge.

3. She got inspired to save by checking out –

       • (Youtube) TED talk by Michelle McGagh. She took on the No Buy Year Challenge, and saved £22,000!! Michelle discovered she had spent             £400 on coffee in one year alone.  She doesn’t really like coffee!  She advised her audience ‘Happiness cannot be bought in a shop!’

       • (Youtube) Lara Joanna Jarvis took on a Low Buy Year Challenge. She was saving for a house with her husband. After investigating                       her spending habits, she had spent £720 on coffees in one year! She has a support group on Facebook, BUDGET BEST BUY.

       • (Youtube) Benefits of having a capsule wardrobe.

4. She purchased and downloaded The Secret To Money app. (Affiliate)

5. She purchased and read - RICH WOMAN by Kim Kiyosaki. (Affiliate)

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