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The workplace can be a hostile environment for many women, as they attempt to raise their voice and compete on equal terms with men. Laila faces the additional challenge of re-entering the workplace after spending the last 10 years at home raising her children.


While your self worth is not your net worth, how you value yourself, can impact your life when applying for jobs, negotiating your salary, going for a promotion or asking for a raise.


In Act 1, Scene 7 we observe Laila being interviewed by Dominique for a new work role:


(Listen to the audio of the interview)


Here are some thoughts:

• Why do you think Laila lacked self-worth at the interview?

• Do you think the home maker role is validated in the work force? If so, should this role be recognised alongside other skills and experience?

• Do you think employers are doing enough to support working mothers?

• Do you think men are doing enough to work alongside their working wife/partner?

• What are the financial implications for women staying at home or going out to work?

If you are returning to the workplace/wish to ask for a raise or promotion.  Purchase and read - KNOW YOUR VALUE by Mika Brezinski  (Affiliate)


"Women’s retirement income is less than men, as women are away from the workforce on average 14.7 years compared to men, 1.6 years"  Kim Kiyosaki


Laila, close friends with Jennifer and Zahida, delayed her journey in gaining financial freedom. Like many women, she kept putting it off. Too busy with life, children, sports days, baking,……….


So what is pushing Laila to suddenly show an interest in financial freedom & personal development. Laila has relied solely on her finance from her husband, when she made a conscious decision to step away from her career, to be a full time home maker.


However, her world was shaken upside down when her husband, employed, unexpectedly becomes ill. They both discover she has no handle on any of the major finances in their household. Although her husband recovers, we see her stepping out, applying for employment to get her foot back on the career ladder.


Zahida encourages both Laila and her husband, Gerry, to set up a meeting with her contact, a regulated financial advisor to put a plan in place as she has discovered that they are financially vulnerable.

Zahida would say to you and Laila ‘Keep an open mind, for you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!’

Take the following three actions:

  1. Sit down with your partner/husband and start discussing your finances, short and long term goals.

  2. If you and your partner/husband have a regulated financial advisor, start attending those meetings together so that you have a handle on what is going on.

  3. If you don’t have a regulated financial advisor, find one and set up a meeting where you both attend to discuss putting a financial plan in place. Make sure that you continue to monitor your plan and always attend meetings together.

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