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Pamela Keeley is the creator and inspiration behind MEN? The Musical. The inspiration for the musical emerged from Pamela’s own personal experiences; at one stage of her life she found herself in therapy. Pamela observed that "sometimes in life we hit a brick wall". 

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She was in love with the man she adored, but he was a "free agent" who would never commit. Pamela’s therapy as it emerged were tunes and lyrics, which eventually became the songs for MEN? The Musical. What Pamela realised in creating the production was the real issue in her life was not about men, but predominately about choice. 

Pamela is clear in her message about MEN? The Musical. "It is to empower women whether that be in their careers or personal lives" It is a positive message that "whatever the mind believes, women can achieve". 

Pamela’s experience and results reflect personal development.  She wishes to use MEN? The Musical and the arts as a vehicle to expose this empowering message and support to a global audience.


Pamela plays a vital role in all decisions relating to the production and promotion of MEN? The Musical as a global brand. This involves working closely with the Head of Business, script writer, lyricist, musical producer, production and general manager.


Away from the musical, you will either find Pamela splashing away in the local swimming pool or power walking. On a more relaxing level Pamela enjoys nothing more than a great read with a nice cuppa tea (Peppermint is her favourite) or watching great TV comedy in a light hearted way

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