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Sandra’s involvement with MEN?The Musical is a showcase of her own unique creative talent as a stylist and designer. She provides the musical with the connection to wardrobe design and branding, along with set designs, reflecting the values of the musical itself.


Sandra’s philosophy is ‘wear your confidence’ …a reference to how fashion and the choice of what you wear can elevate self-confidence and positivity for all women. 

Born in Zimbabwe and brought up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Sandra is now based in Windsor UK. She has a long history in fashion photography and describes in vivid detail how “capturing the timeless beauty that is Kate Moss on the runway in the late 1990’s, cemented my passion for fashion. Kate’s natural beauty and original style inspired me to act as a catalyst to help women gain their confidence through fashion.”

Sandra has an impeccable ability to capture the natural beauty of her subject from behind the lens. While working with some of the world’s leading fashion magazines however, her passion for capturing beauty as a photographer evolved into a skill of creating it as a stylist. She has a natural knack of making people feel incredibly confident and beautiful through her enthusiastic energy and positive approach to self-awareness and self-love.

As she entered her late 20’s, she widened her vision of creativity into the field of Interior Design and Décor. Amongst private clients, her portfolio extended into commercial & retail projects too which included skills such as window displays, layouts/fittings and product merchandising. Some of her major commissions have included the successful transformation of a group of petrol stations in South Africa into convenience stores, and the massive growth of an exclusive vintage bridal brand.  

Alongside her involvement with the MEN?The Musical team, Sandra is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and businesses in Windsor promoting the theme ‘Wear Windsor’. Her ultimate goal is for all Brands to work together to create a stronger community feeling.

Away from her business commitments, you’ll find her traveling between clients or scuttling around the high street visiting her favourite retail shops….or one of her favourite pastimes is finding hidden treasures of Preloved items in some of the best charity shops…at least half of her wardrobe is Preloved!!  When she gets a gap between juggling her career with motherhood, she grabs a couch and a latte in one of Windsor’s quaint cafes to try and keep connected with her social media audiences.  Weekends are packed with country walks: walking through village markets and cooking. 

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