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Head of Business

As Head of Business Steven brings a wealth of commercial and marketing expertise both to the business and creative team of MEN? The Musical. 


Steven is passionate about the arts and entertainment industry and a fervent advocate of women’s empowerment and equality. The role of men providing support to women achieving these aims resonates with Steven. He believes that MEN? The Musical is a creative outlet which stimulates a debate on the role of women in society, as well as giving women a positive voice through self elevation. 

Steven is a successful business professional and marketer, who has held several senior positions for leading corporate companies including Smith & Nephew, Kraft, HP Foods and Jacobs Bakery. Most recently Steven was managing director of a consumer protection scheme operating on behalf of the national newspapers and the direct marketing industry. 

Steven’s qualifications include BA (Hons) in Business Studies/Marketing at the University of Greenwich and post graduate diplomas; ACCA Dip Financial Management and IDM diploma in direct and interactive marketing. 

Working on MEN? The Musical, Steven’s contribution is his ability to listen and learn and inspire other members of the creative and business team. Key to this is working alongside Pamela Keeley to create a culture that values the contribution of all members of the MEN? The Musical team, both internal and external, and at all levels.

From a business perspective this involves a clear understanding of the market environment, the target audience, identification of opportunities and risks, media options and focusing in on the key issues. This has resulted in a detailed business plan for MEN? The Musical, covering marketing, finances, operations and key people. 

Away from MEN? The Musical, Steven supports the foxes, that’s the football team (Leicester City) rather than the furry animal. He also enjoys running which he claims keeps him physically and mentally fit, as well as providing creative thinking time. Steven’s other passions include travelling both within the UK and overseas, especially if that includes a visit to an art gallery, winery or restaurant, or better still all three ! 

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